My Bands


JAZZ-O-MATIC FOUR has been around since the late seventies. I joined in the mid-eighties. We have performed all over Europe, the US, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. Our music leans towards the Beiderbecke-Venuti-Rollini style of jazz. We’ve been called “The World’s Smallest Big Band” because we have a 3-piece rhythm section and four soloists (five when Ronald is added), which makes the band sound much bigger than the quartet that it is.

The musicians are:

- Peter Ivan                  cornet

  1. -Ad Houtepen                   bass saxophone & vocals

- Hans de Bruijn                  piano & vocals

- Tom Stuip                              banjo & vocals

  1. -Ronald jansen-Heijtmajer,     Alto Sax & Clarinet

CDs: “Happy Feet”, and “Clap Hands”